Our Story

Tea is a way of life for Oregon Tea Traders owner Angela McDonald and her family. "Promoting tea is my way of promoting a better world" Her passion does not stop at simply drinking tea, she also explores and teaches about the world of tea through science, cultural traditions, health, and history. Her love of local agriculture has led to growing tea in her home of Oregon as well as working to encourage the domestically grown tea industry. She has proudly developed Oregon Tea Traders into a business that shares her love of community, health, and sustainability.

Our Vision

TeaOregon Tea Traders is committed to satisfying our customers with high quality products and artisanal blends. We strive to promote health and prosperity through drinking tea. Fueled by a passion for social and environmental justice, we seek to provide customers as well as tea producers with a better life.

"Tea For A Better Today"

We believe in tea as a way of life. They should enhance your day, and provide whatever is needed. From a swift caffeine jolt to rustle you out of bed, to a calming herbal tea to wrap your hands around in the evening. Whatever your need, we want to be able to provide you with the best quality tea available.

Drink To Your Health

The health benefits of tea are numerous; the taste, amazing. And you know that with every sip you're supporting good wages for farmers, sustainable agriculture, and a small family-based business. That's something to drink to.

Quality of Loose Leaf

Grown in the world's finest tea gardens, our loose leaf teas are made from high-grade tea leaves that unfurl when brewed. The result is a superior tea drinking experience: layered, rich and smooth.



Farming appropriately in accordance with the environment and surrounding organisms is essential for continuing the productivity of our land. We seek farms with sustainable agricultural practices to ensure the future of the world's tea.

Organically Grown Ingredients

Tea farmFarmers who grow organically take steps to nurture the soil and conserve water. They rely on natural farming techniques and avoid chemicals additives to encourage health and safe farms.