Iced Tea for Hot Summer Days

In Oregon, August is heating up to be the hottest month of the summer. With all of the extra heat its perfect iced tea weather. There’s a lot of ways to make iced tea, but Angela’s overnight cold brew is a simple and easy way to make a delicious batch of iced tea.

Our Daydreamer’s makes a fabulous cold brew so I’ll use that as an example for the recipe.


2 Teabags

1 oz of Daydreamer’s

Gallon or ½ gallon container


Put the loose leaf in the tea bags. Fill the jug up with water and then place the tea bags in the jug. Then pop it in the fridge! Wait at least a couple hours or let it chill overnight and your delicious iced tea is made. Super easy and simple!

If you use a jug that’s ½ a gallon you only need one tea bag full of loose leaf. If you use a gallon of water I recommend using two tea bags.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this recipe!

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