Essentials of Tea: White Tea

If you are looking for a delicate and refreshing tea then white tea is some of the best tea around. Unlike the other types of tea, white tea has the simplest processing style. It consists of either only the buds (usually the young and tender buds on the tea plant) or a mixture of leaves and buds. Once they are picked they are withered and dried. White tea comes from the finest part of the tea plant so the quality of the tea itself is immediately apparent. If the process in making the tea is done improperly it is difficult if not impossible to hide or disguise mistakes.

White tea is the most misunderstood type of tea. People believe that it is low caffeine or without caffeine. However, the opposite is true. The young buds that make up most white teas and the process of making the tea actually can increase caffeine levels in the tea. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of drinking white tea in the evening and lie restlessly awake staring at the ceiling regretting your life choices then you understand that decaf or caffeine free white tea is pure myth.

Lavender Jasmine White Tea

Some of the most common white teas in the US are Silver Needles, Bai Mu Dan, Rose Peony, White Peony, and aged white tea. If you are looking to try a delicious white tea one of our most popular teas is Lavender Jasmine White Tea. We have free tasting samples at the Eugene Saturday Market!

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  • Are you at the craft market at the fairgrounds now? I’d love to come over and grab some of this. It sounds wonderful

    Joy Squires-Jensen

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